Blue Silence – The Complete String Quartets of Elena Kats-Chernin


ABC Classic FM‘s CD of the Week from 4 February 2013 is BLUE SILENCE!

“Dance forms and colours abound in the tracks on Blue Silence … the tango, waltz and Charleston … and there is colour! Blue, pink, silver, burnished silver and black.”
“The recently released Blue Silence … is a wonderful blend of classical and jazz sounds … The launch was an entertaining and engaging night.”
“A worthy addition to the quartet canon … The diversity and vitality of the 28 tracks in this two-CD set demonstrate her flowering talent. Eschewing strict classical and romantic string quartet forms, Kats-Chernin spins easy-listening miniatures, each with its own spirit and narrative, woven into a beautiful patchwork quilt. She embraces rhythms from blues, jazz or ragtime, and gathers clean pulses….”
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To receive an exciting whole track from our world-premiere recording, click on the FREE DOWNLOADbutton. This is the first movement of From Anna Magdalena’s Notebook, a brilliant re-imagining of Bach.To download the entire booklet as a FREE PDF, click HERE. It contains full program notes and biographies.To enjoy FREE STREAMING AUDIO of the recording, click HERE.

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Blue Silence is the first ever recording of the complete works for string quartet by Elena Kats-Chernin. Elena Kats-Chernin is possibly Australia’s most popular composer. In a recent public poll of music from the past 100 years conducted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, her Eliza Aria was one of the highest-ranking Australian compositions. Eliza Aria is included on this new release. In the UK, it is particularly well-known as the theme music for Lloyds TSB’s television campaign For The Journey that began in 2007 and continues today. As you can hear on this album, Elena’s tuneful music combines lightheartedness with melancholy, blended with elements of cabaret, tango, ragtime, klezmer and Bach.The Acacia Quartet met Elena at a concert in 2011 and a great rapport was struck up. Acacia decided to learn all of Elena’s quartet music (so far about 90 minutes, and counting), rehearse it extensively with her and perform it in concerts, then recording it under her supervision. This is an association for the long term – as Elena composes more string quartets, Acacia will learn, perform and record them.This album is the exhilarating first volume of the collaboration. Vexations840 has several other projects in planning.To stay in touch and to learn about future projects, please register.